Coaching, Healing, Publishing

Mystic Meadows provides a supportive team for writers, so they can start their book and stay motivated to finish it.

Our team will guide you so you don't have to walk through the writer's journey alone. 

When you're ready to publish we've got your back on that as well.

Write with Confidence

There are many writing programs out there but few hold space for authors when they come up against challenges.

Writing a non-fiction book takes writers deeper into their healing.

That's why we have practitioners that offer healing and mindful movement to release stagnant energy and encourage creative flow.  

Our team consists of writing coaches, healing practitioners, editors, 

social media specialists, publishing team, and marketing help. 


The programs we offer provide training, support, and guidance to help you through every step of writing your book. When you are ready to take the step into sharing your work publicly, we can help you in that area also.


Whether you choose to self-publish, or publish through Mystic Meadows, we have a plan to fit your needs. You will have creative say and your work will always belong to you.

Mystic Meadows Framework

We have a few different options to work with us.

Our programs have a library of videos that you can access right away. Those videos can help you whenever you feel stuck, frustrated, or are ready to move forward at your own pace.

Here is our main framework....

Phase 1

Setting you up to start & finish your book

We call this the preparation phase. Setting you up for success and preparing you for the journey will  be your foundation.

Phase 2

Writing Coaching & Support

This phase includes supportive live calls with the coaches and other authors in the program. There  will also be healing session to release stagnant energy, yoga for creative flow, and videos you can  go back to when you need help NOW. 

Phase 3

Editing by our Editor

This is one of the most important phases. Editing is the icing on the cake - cake isn't very good with out the icing. We will provide editors to help make sure your story pops and comes across in the best way possible.    

You can stop here or continue working with us to publish your book.

Phase 4

Book Design & Formatting

We will help you design a professional looking cover and interior. 

Phase 5

Publishing & Printing

There are many options under this category, we will help you choose the best option for you and your book.

Phase 6

Marketing Your Book

This phase is one of the most difficult for authors. Writing and publishing a book is a huge accomplishment. We want you to get those sales and see the wonderful reviews about how your book is changing lives. But first we have to get your book in front of the right audience. 

Meet the Team

We have an amazing team that will help you start your book and stay motivated to finish it.

Angela is our publishing specialist and accountant.

Jewelia is our video / audio specialist and yogi.

Amber is our writing coach and healing practitioner.

We also have other team members that will help you along the way.